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Finally, we are here, online! After months of occupying wifi parks and squeezing every last drop out of Cuba’s limited internet service, we finally have emerged from our beloved island’s isolation and now exist for the rest of the world, on this global platform that is the internet. We are delighted to be launching our website, offering a wide range of bike tours, events and projects to those who come visit our beautiful island, Cuba.

The Enchanted Forest Bike Tour at the Metropolitan Park

We are just getting started and already have so much to offer! Get to know Havana in a whole new way by hopping on a bike and cycling around with us. See what each of our tours entails, in order to find the one that is most adapted to your trip’s desires, needs and expectations. Each bike tour shows a different façade of the complex and multi-layered city that is Havana. What do you want to see? The city’s historic sights or Cuban society’s local life? The touristic or the non-touristic spots? The bustling city center or the calmer, greener neighborhoods? We cover it all! With us, you can check off all the must-sees from your list as well as uncover the hidden gems and go beyond what the guidebooks tell you. We have different tours for different moods. Take one tour or take them all! No matter what, we assure you will have a fun time as you pedal around different parts of Havana, meet new people, discover neat cafés and/or restaurants, and learn about all the secrets and stories this mysterious city has to tell. More bike tours in Havana and beyond are cooking and coming, but there is already so much to choose from! The only condition is that you must want to cycle!

Cycling excursion at Malecon de La Habana

Beyond our tours, our website is also here to introduce you to Havana’s community of bike lovers. If you are a truly passionate urban cyclist, you may be looking for more than just a simple visit to Havana, wanting to meet locals and support Havana’s cycling community. Then check out our events and beyond. The Night Ride may be a good option for you to cycle around the city by night with a group of locals, experiencing Cuba on a different level. Our website along with social media allows you to follow cycling events and community projects that Citykleta runs for the Havana dwellers. It is a great way to get involved in the Havana cycling community!

Vuelta de Noche Night Ride at Plaza de La Revolución

So don’t miss out on anything. Explore our website and follow us on Facebook and Instagram! Find useful tips for your travels and read stories on Havana cycling to get an insider’s view biking in Cuba. Follow us online and you will fully understand why we always say and repeat: all you need in Havana is a bicycle! 

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