our mission

Giving the People the Best Cycling Experience in Havana.

The best way to have fun in town

Discover Havana by Bike.

By bike, you go where you want, when you want. As you ride, you hear all the sounds of Havana and see the city as a whole. You don’t miss a single detail.

Guided Bicycle Tours

From the old town to the forest, unknown stories to underground culture. Join any bike tour to learn about Cuba or just for an unforgettable experience. English, French and Spanish lang. are available.

Itineraries & Attractions​

Make the most of your time in Havana. Check out our Itineraries and local attractions if prefer discover the city by your own,show guests around or explore your own city.

What matters​

Local culture first

We focus on rediscovering the lesser-known spots that conserve great cultural and historic value.

Suport locals

We eat in small locally-owned establishments.

Minimize carbon footprint

We run bike tours; the use of motorized vehicles is almost zero.

Seeing ecosystem capacity

We ride in small groups and care for our urban and natural surroundings.

Above all

We are dedicated to the Community.

We actively participate, foment and support the local biking community through events. If these sounds like an incredible experience for you:

Initiators of the Havana cycling critical mass: Bicicletar La Habana.
Encouraging Cubans to ride and hangout by night: Vuelta de Noche.
Promoting new ways of leisure: Bicipiknic Musical.

Bicycles and cycling culture are more complicated than you might think due to stigma from the economic crash (AKA Special Period) when pedal power was transport of last resort. But make no mistake: there is a small, but strong and growing, cycling movement afoot which predates COVID-19.

The bicycle still is unpopular and stigmatized in urban culture. We want to find out what’s happening and address these issues. So, we created the Edukleta project.

We hope to re integrate the bicycle in Havana dwellers’ everyday life and in their city’s panorama.

in Progress

Bike Education Program


Our story began with Yasser. He started with bikes in 2014, after following his heart and leaving his job as a software developer to dedicate himself 100% to what he loved best: bikes. After joining a friend to launch Havana’s first bicycle tour business, he also started organizing critical mass Havana in 2015 to promote biking in the city and encourage Habanero’s to adopt the bike as an alternative lifestyle. Later, in January of 2017, he founded Citykleta.

Citykleta is not like any other bike tours business in Havana. Here, our mission is to give you, as visitor or a community resident, the best cycling experience in Havana.

Your Folks

Yasser González
Enmys López
Bryan Campbell
Chabeli Peña
Javier Pérez


We love cycling and good photography. You will love great photos of us riding our bikes.

Join a daily conversation with a community of cyclists like you.

We will share ideas about bike lifestyle.

During our events, we communicate with all the participants.